Events for the public

From the end of April until the school holidays and from the start of the school year until October, we have open Sundays and other events for the general public. All activities are free.

Schools and kindergartens

The visitor centre offers free learning programmes adapted to the competence aims in the curriculum. We offer learning programmes for kindergartens (3 year olds) all the way to university level. The children and students learn by using all their senses, movement and games. You can come to us, or we can come to you.

Self-service activities

At the visitor centre you can visit at any time and enjoy the view of the reserve, or try our self-service activities that you download here on the website.

The visitor centre

The centre aim to give children and adults good nature experiences and convey the importance of wetlands. We are a state-authorised nature centre in a family of 32 visitor centres around the country.

The important wetland

Where water and land meet, great things happen! Wetlands are highly productive areas with great biodiversity. Wetlands can also help us with flood mitigation, carbon storage and are very important recreational areas.

Photo: Erik Bleken

Watch the live stream from the bird camera on Vestre Ilene

International protection status

Ilene and Presterødkilen Nature Reserves are part of a network of areas protected by the Ramsar convention of wetlands. We find these Ramsar sites all around the world, over 2400 in total. Both Ilene and Presterødkilen nature reserves have unique qualities, and bird life in particular is very unique in these areas.

Welcome! But please take care when visiting

  • You are welcome to walk along Grevestien or enjoy the centre’s garden all year round!
  • Dogs are also welcome, but are required to be kept on a lead from April 1st to August 20th. Maybe you can keep it on a lead all year round for the sake of other hikers and the birds in the reserve?
  • You will find rubbish bins in the centre’s garden. At the gate to the cow pasture there is water for thirsty dogs
  • If you are planning to use the garden for larger gatherings, you must contact the centre staff in with advance
  • Ilene Nature Reserve is located right outside the centre and Grevestien. In the reserve the birds shall not be disturbed. You therefore not allowed to walk or paddle in the reserve, summer, autumn and large parts of the winter. There are some exceptions.

How to find us

Visitor Centre Wetland Ilene is situated at Søndre Holmen next to Ilene nature reservere.

Driving to the centre?

We aim for a car free centre so the only disabled people are allowed to park at the centre. Outside opening hours, the road to the visitor centre is closed with a gate.


Parking spots by the Auli river or Korten in Tønsberg city. Park your car and walk along the foot path Grevestien to reach the centre.

The fooot and cycle path Grevestien

Foot/cycle path starting in Tønsberg city centre and leading to Ilene and Frodeåsen. Experience the beatutiful nature along the path and experience the historical landscape.

Bird tower

Follow the foot path Grevestien west of the visitor centre to get to the bird tower.

Presterødkilen nature reserve

On the other side of the city centre you can find Presterødkilen nature reserve with 3 bird towers and a foot path through the wetland.